Pork Cannelloni Laocook


I am back in Spain after spending a week or so in London preparing for the YLS UK Charity Dinner that took place on the 26th June.

It was a good experience and judging from the feedback I received, it looks like people enjoyed themselves (or are they just being kind and polite?!).

It was also great to meet up again with former Laocook intern Emile who has finished her culinary studies and is currently based in Madrid. She flew over from the capital to prepare the pre-desserts and desserts proper.

The event was filmed and as soon as the footage (8 hours!) has been edited I will post the video here.

Whilst I was there I got the chance to visit a few restaurants during my spare time. The first item on my list of things to devour was Dim Sum. I have yet to taste good Dim Sum in Spain, so I miss it and was eager to get stuck in to some in London. Apart from the obvious MSG overdose, I was pleased with what I ordered (on three different days in two restaurants!!)(Steamed and Fried Dumplings, Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce, Fried Eel with Salt and Pepper (responsible for the MSG overdose!) etc…).

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Laocook Aged Beef


I don’t know what to call this small dish. Is it a Sushi Roll or is it a Fresh Spring Roll?



It contains seasoned sushi rice and tuna as well as lettuce and rocket leaves and blanched crunchy asparagus which is all wrapped up in a sheet of damp rice paper.


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Lao Salad

Classes and Charity

I cannot believe that we have almost reached the end of May! Wow, how time flies! Almost half the year gone already!

During the spring, the team and I have been busy in the kitchen preparing food for gala dinners, weddings and other big events. There is never a dull moment!



Many diners got the chance to sample my Nhem as an amuse bouche, I even added slices of Som Moo, just like “at home”.

Another traditional classic, Larb Gai has also been served up, this time I added quinoa to the recipe. The texture is almost rice-like and it absorbs and compliments the flavour of the chicken salad. It looks like I´ll be serving more of this pretty soon.

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Laocook Seared Beef Tongue

Happy Lao New Year 2554

Happy New Year to all the Lao people around the globe, may you be blessed with happiness and health!


In the kitchen this week I have been continuing my experiments with nut cheese, Cashew Nut Cheese to be precise.

Earlier in the week a small packet arrived and in this package was some Probiotics that I purchased online. Probiotics are basically friendly bacteria found in the body. I am not taking these supplements for any health reasons, I bought them to ferment my cashew cheese.

Though my previous and basic recipes for this cheese tasted good, adding the probiotics took it to another level. Its hard to describe the improvement, its like playing for years on a Playstation 2 then discovering the Playstation 3! :biggrin:

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Cashew Cheese Parsley

Smile and Say Cheese

Three Cheeses walked in to a crowded bar. The bar went silent.

“Why has everyone gone quiet?”, asked the new barman.

The manager called him over and whispered in his ear, “Everyone knows the Cheeses, don’t mess with them, they´re NUTS!“….😆

Okay, okay, its a bad joke, but I couldn’t think of another way to start this post, and when I came up with the punchline, I had a few laughs myself…

Cheese. Made from nuts. Nut Cheese. They´re NUTS! (lol again).

Ok, seriously though, they are made from Cashew Nuts.

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King Burger (12)

King Burger

The absence of updates can be attributed to “not much happening in the kitchens“…

Over the past month (and up until the end of February) we have been catering to groups of international journalist that are at the hotel to attend a launch of a new car by a large motor company. Everyday different journalist arrive for the presentation, to test drive the cars, take photos and make films. Every night dinner is served in the restaurant, every night the food is the same. Its an easy month or so for the cooks!

However culinary mundane it appears, I take great pride that some Laotian dishes are being served day in and day out. The international reporters get to feast upon Larb Gai, Nham Dok, a very spicy Pad Kemou, and a whole host of other Asian treats.

January also saw the time when the Spanish give out their festive presents. On the morning of the 6th, wide eyed children wake to see what The Three Kings have left them. The Three Kings are more famous than Santa, who may leave them a small gesture on the 25th of December, but its the 6th of January that is the most important day for the children….. and adults!

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2011, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! to everyone!.


It seems like December 2010 just flew past! During the past month I had been busy with the annual Christmas and New Year program at the hotel. The culinary program started on the 24th and finished on the evening of the 1st January 2011. Everyday in one of the five restaurants at the resort, some culinary theme was being offered for the hotel guests.

On Christmas Eve a wonderful dinner was available and on the evening of the 31st, a Black Tie Gala Dinner ushered in the New Year. On the first day of 2011 we offered an extended Gourmet Brunch featuring a Carvery, Sushi Bar, Lobster Paella and a huge Seafood Buffet with Lobster, King Crabs, Spider Crabs, Langoustines etc etc… (Great fun was had preparing the buffet and “Quality Control Tasting” the Crustaceans, in fact, I “tested” an obscene amount of Lobster!!)

Now its time for a little rest before it gets busy again next week……

I also had some time to serve up some Duck and Foie Gras Gyozas, which I enjoy making from scratch. The meat used is from the breast, cooked Sous Vide before being chopped up and mixed with some Ceps. This mixture is then wrapped around a cube of Foie Gras then encased in the wrappers.


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Its been a while since my last update, since then I have enjoyed some holiday time that was spent fishing (or feeding the fish, depends on which way you look at it!), and visiting friends and family in London.

Whilst I have been “chillin´”, there have been some works in the restaurant dining room and kitchen.


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On Your Bike!

In February 2011, a friend of mine will be taking a cycling challenge to raise money for people with Cerebral Palsy.

Tim Driver will cycle through Laos to Cambodia, more than 700km in just over a week for UK based charity Scope.


Tim says about the adventure, “The challenge will involve covering 702km (436 mile) in 8 days.  That’s a scary 54 miles a day.  In humid heat.  But it’ll be fun, it’ll be a challenge, and most importantly it’ll raise a good chunk of money for Scope’s work with disabled adults, children and their families.  I hope you’ll help me in reaching my fundraising target.

The money raised from my cycle challenge will allow Scope to continue running their vital services which are designed to support disabled people in every aspect of their lives from birth through to adulthood.

If you would like to show your support for Tim and this important cause please click here.

Good luck to Tim on behalf of the whole Laocook Team! :biggrin: