LCTV Update “Sen and King Crab”

The King of Crabs, more expensive than Lobster, was presented as an Amuse Bouche a few days ago. Like the name suggests, it is truly Majestic.

King Crab Soup Laocook

Simply served as a Soup, made with a base of King Crab Stock, only Chives are used to add a delicate balance.

The raw crab is blanched in Vegetable Stock to make it easier to remove the “meat” from the shell. The “meat” is retained as the Shells are lightly roasted then boiled (to bring out more flavour) . It is a “must” to remain true to the original flavouring.

The photo above hardly does the King Crab justice, so the LCTV Video below should show “how Majestic, it really is”. (Note how Sen seperates the “meat” from the Shell, which will later be used to make the Stock)

The VDO ends with King making a “Paste” for an “Or” (Lao Stew).

Nov 26 Update

Though the days are getting darker earlier, November has always been one of my favourite months. At a time when the leaves are “almost falling” off the trees, when hunting season is in swing, the Oyster season is almost reaching its peak, and (memories of) Fireworks filled the sky´s of London´s background, November is a special month.

Looking over the past few days has brought me joy. My mother came to visit, along with Junior´s mother, it was a short visit, but one that I will cherish.


(my mother is on the left)


November 15 Update

Much has been going on the the kitchens over the past few days, and before we know it, the Festive Season will be upon us, after that, then its our Holiday Time!

Most of the A-Team will be visiting family back in VTE and Thailand, whilst King and Laurane will be eating their way through top restaurants in London & Paris.

We got some lovely King Crab legs in last week, shelled them and made a nice Crab Soup with Chopped Chives.

King Crab Soup Laocook

I am starting to prefer King Crab to Lobster now, and will be making some Tempura with it soon. It is expensive, but worth it…


A quick Amuse Bouche that we came up with was “Yum Somen” , served in bite sized portions.

Yum Somen Laocook

Just pop it in your mouth, and you are good to go…


Tuna Sashimi on Ice. Nothing beats the clean taste of fresh Tuna. Our Tuna is graded on its fat content, and the best parts come from near the stomach..


Tuna Sashimi on Ice Laocook

Tuna Sashimi Laocook on Ice

Simply presented on Ice Bowls, the freshly cut fish stays cool and crisp for quite some time.

LCTV are working on a short Sushi and Sashimi presentation, which we will post as soon as it is finished. Stay Tuned!…


Our new project has been fondly called LCTV (Lao Cook T.V.). We want to be able to share with our visitors some techniques and eventually recipes from our kitchens. Though in its infancy, we hope that this project will grow, and as we get to grips with the required programming (recording, editing, voice overs etc…), we are sure that the Videos will get better too!

We will be experimenting with different sizes and quality of Video in future posts, so don’t be surprised if you see a few strange Updates.!


We buy whole Chickens because it is more cost effective for us. The Chickens are Sectioned in to various pieces, to be used in various kitchens and recipes.

Firstly the Legs are removed, followed by the Breasts and Wings, and then the Tenderloins. The Carcass is used for stocks and sauces. Next we separate the Breast from the Wings, then cut the Wings in to two.

The Chicken “Oyster” is then separated from the top of the Thigh, which in turn is cut away from the Leg.

We usually work in a team, with one person Sectioning the main Chicken and someone else dividing the cuts.

For an indication on how fast the operation takes, below is a video of King Sectioning the main Chicken in 50 seconds.

It looks like the video has been speeded up, but we assure, it isn´t….. (we dont know how to do that yet!)

Below is an informal interview with King. (The Video was shot by one of our Spanish colleagues).

November 6 Update

Sorry, Photo of Hammerhead Shark lost during SErver crash of May 23 2007

Our new friend wouldn´t look out of place at a Sci-Fi Convention.

After cleaning and cutting the Shark, we have marinated some fillets in King´s Honey & Miso Sauce, where we will leave it for a few days before giving the meat its first taste test. We will keep you informed of the progress…

Kuchi´s colourful and tasty Sushi Dish.

laocook Sushi

Laocook Sushi 2

Each Roll has the same main ingredient inside it. Above we have Tuna, King Prawn, Tomago (folded egg), Avocado, Seabass and Salmon.

Prawn Balls

Crispy Prawn Balls with Spicy Plum Sauce. The sauce is delicately sweet with a spicy finish, which goes well with the Prawn balls, which we served as an Amuse Bouche.


Now that hunting season is well on, King receives an arrival of freshly shot Duck.

King Duck

Cleaning Duck

The bird is hung for a few days to let it tenderise and develop its unique flavour. Above we start to prepare some Duck that arrived last week.

Using warm water makes plucking the feathers more easy, and it also stops feathers from flying all over the kitchen!

Depending on how long you hang the game will determine how strong the flavour is. We find that after 3 or 4 days, the flavour is just right for making Larb Phet.

Duck Cleaned

Anouck Crowned Miss Asia 2006

Congratulations to Anouck for being crowned Miss Asie (Asia) 2006 during the beauty pageant that took place in France over the weekend.

Organised by the association “Les Jeunes de l`ASEAN“, all the money rasied will be used to help schools in ASEAN countries.

We were also glad to know that the two runners up are also Laotian Girls!


Anouck is now busy recording another song back in the UK. Hopefully she will send us some Concert footage soon too!